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Why use the UNIMAC Packaging Group?
UNIMAC Packaging Group’s creative design, printing, finishing and distribution capabilities are world class. Our focus on investing in cutting edge technology, combined with the most recent quality and environmental standards available, makes UNIMAC Packaging Group the clear choice for your most innovative packaging challenges.

We are ISO 9001:2015 QMS Quality Management Certified which is the most recognized and respected international quality standard. Through ISO 9001:2015 QMS we have a continuous quality improvement system in place to identify measure, control and improve various core business processes.

UNIMAC is PANTONE Certified. The PANTONE Certified Printer Program is the only printer certification program that audits, inspects, analyzes and qualifies all operations to meet Pantone quality standards – from intake to ink mixing, and print production, to customer handling. For half a century, designers and color professionals have relied on Pantone for consistent color standards that produce the most accurate color matches. Now, with the PANTONE Certified Printer Program, the Graphics Arts industries have printer resources that meet Pantone’s strict quality requirements. The PANTONE Certified Printer Program benefits designers, brand managers and print buyers who want:

    • Accurate print color reproduction.
    • Consistent and reliable results.
    • Greater confidence in choosing the right print provider.
    • Timely and professional service.
    • Reduced make-ready times and waste while maintaining color accuracy.

All operation areas and processes – Ink Room, Prepress, Print, Customer Handling – are reviewed in depth for proper equipment, best practices and optimal outputs. Each phase in the production workflow must meet Pantone-established quality standards, which have been continually refined over 50 years to ensure the highest level of accurate color reproduction. Only Pantone’s certification program includes ink room qualifications!

IDEAlliance has qualified UNIMAC as a G7 Master Printer. A G7 Master Printer Qualification recognizes printing companies who have been trained in the new G7 Proof to Print Process of calibrating their equipment and systems to G7 gray balance standards from proofs to press. The G7 master qualification mark indicates we use the latest technology, techniques, proofing, press controls and standards required to achieve accurate color on press.